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parent comments

Parents Comments

“Mr Alvin has a unique teaching style which has proven to be effective for my teenage daughters learning needs. His way of combining theory and practice has significantly improved her performance in Mathematics. Since attending this tuition, she has moved on to the 'advanced' level of Mathematics in her class and has consistently been one of the top students for Maths.”

Dr Radhika and Dr Muraly,
Parents to Sasmita, Year 9
HELP International School

“My son, currently in Year 6 has been struggling with Maths from Year 1. I have sent him to numerous tuition centre and private tutor but he seemed not improving. Feeling demotivated, he has lost interest in studies especially in Maths. A friend recommended Visi Genius and after few months, my son has shown a great improvement in Maths. I'm very grateful to have found teacher Alvin! He is patient and dedicated to go extra mile to coach his students and motivate them. His method of teaching Maths is simple and precise, and somehow has helped my son in better understanding and confidence to solve Maths questions. This has been proven in his recent exam results, for the first time he scored an A for Maths. Thank you Visi Genius and teacher Alvin.”

Salezah, parent to
Aiman & Emir, Year 6 & 8
Asia Pacific International School

“Once again, thank you very much for your efforts in helping Kristopher to achieve his A+ in Mathematics. Very much appreciated. On getting his results, the first thing Kris wanted to do was write you an appreciative letter of thanks. From our side as parents, we were very pleased with clear concise and fun way which you presented the course. From my own experience, we clearly recall the 'good' teachers who injected their subjects with infectious enthusiasm and made learning a pleasure and Alvin certainly has this gift. Over the past 3 years, it was very apparent from the off that you were able to present the material in an interesting way. We recall Kris saying he had enjoyed his first lesson and was looking forward to doing more. We felt that you set just the right tone, with a good work ethic and lots of encouragement. Additionally, taking the time to explain the more tricky questions on a one to one basis was really helpful. Your TIC-TAC tactics proved to be invaluable for recognising the type of question and quickly finding the answer. The course was well structured allowing the students to achieve their peak performance just in time for the examination and the holiday papers were great for keeping continuity. The mock test presented an excellent opportunity to experience that 'first exam' and help calm some nerves for the main event. The last minute tweaking based on the mock results was good for both confidence and performance. Overall, we were delighted with your tuition and the positive results which were achieved. ”

Mr. & Mrs.Wong, parents to
Kristopher Wong, Year 8 Beta
Asia Pacific International School
student comments

Students Comments

"I’m so lucky to have a tuition teacher like Mr Alvin as he is a teacher that is very patient, every time when I don’t understand why and how the question is solved Mr. Alvin will then explain to me with a different style and method until I fully understand about the question, then he will only move on to the next one. He is also a very kind and interesting teacher and in every class, Mr. Alvin will guarantee you with a joyful smile which makes the class not dull but full of happiness. Mr. Alvin will also take some of his off days to give me extra classes .THANK YOU SO MUCH MR ALVIN ❤️"

Desmond Kum, A for Ext Maths (2023)
HELP International School

"I started having classes with Mr Alvin in Year 9. At the time, I struggled with understanding the concepts which made me dread doing math. However after having classes with Mr Alvin, I was able to understand difficult concepts easily and I felt more confident as Mr Alvin’s teaching was extremely concise. Additionally, in classes, he would write organised notes that are straightforward which are easy to grasp and of course extra work to solidify the concepts. During my IGCSE journey I had to switch syllabus midway, but with Mr Alvin’s guidance, the transition was smooth and easy as Mr Alvin was able to prepare me fully in the short amount of time available. I believe without Mr Alvin’s motivation, patience and effort, I wouldn’t be able to strive in Maths. Thank you so much Teacher Alvin for squeezing in extra classes and believing in me!"

Loo Vynee, A* for Ext Maths (2023)
Dulwich College Shanghai

"Mr Alvin has been a great teacher and role model throughout my secondary school journey. He well versed on the IGCSE syllabus that is ever-changing and his notes and worksheets are proof of it. He is always patient and understanding when questions arise and meticulously explains them even when the question is simple and sometimes irrelevant to the subject. Throughout the 6 years in Visi Genius, I can comfortably say that Mr Alvin has played an integral role to achieving A* for all my subjects by teaching me not only mathematics but also life lessons and instilling confidence in my abilities. I truly appreciate Mr Alvin's classes pushed me to achieve greater heights and nurtured my passion for mathematics. Thank you Mr Alvin for always aiding me in my studies and as someone I will always look up to."

Aloysius Tan Cheng Yang , A* for Add Maths, A* for Ext Maths (2023), A* for EFL
Sri KL International School

"I really enjoyed listening to Mr. Alvin's classes, he teaches us in a very detailed way, one by one and step by step, which I could understand easily. He would always find an easy way to make us understand a topic and teach us an easy way to calculate the answer, which make us also understand the process of the calculation. Mr. Alvin is always willing to help us for any questions we need help for, in class and outside class too. Thank you for making our class more interesting by telling some short stories throughout the class, which made the class alive and not just studying and studying, but also making the class alive and relieving our stress from our studies. Mr. Alvin is a really great teacher that I would thank for helping me reaching this high up for my results. I really appreciate all his help and guidance throughout these years and thank you for everything. Thank you so much, Mr. Alvin!"

Mirabelle Au Yoong Jia Tong, A* for Add Maths, A* for Ext Maths (2023) TOP IN THE WORLD (100% for AddMaths)
Sri KL International School

"Teacher Alvin is someone who is extremely passionate in his teaching. He is patient and does not hesitate to go the extra mile in helping his students ace the subject. It is with his help and motivation that I started to enjoy addmaths. From a C in my midterms, i managed to score an A star my IGCSE exam. Thank you teacher alvin!"

Nicole Wong, A* for Add Maths (2022)
Sri KL

"I started Mr Alvin's tutor classes midway through Year 10 and at that time was really struggling with Add Maths. Mr Alvin's method of teaching and approach to the subject really helped me improve and gain a better understanding on how to solve questions. He is easily approachable, and always willing to help, in class or outside of class. To the point where Mr Alvin even took some of his off-days to give me extra classes. I am really grateful for the effort he has put in, all to make sure I am able to do well in my studies. I went from an F in Add Maths all the way to an A in IGCSE's. I could not have done it without the help of Mr Alvin, his notes really helped, and I appreciate his patience to guiding me slowly step by step to ensure I understand everything. Thank you so much Mr Alvin :)"

Bryan Tan, A for Add Maths (2022)
Sri KL

"Mr Alvin’s classes have helped me in more ways than one. I used to be a student who would nearly fail Mathematics. After attending Mr Alvin’s classes, I managed to get an A for my IGCSE Mathematics. He patiently teaches us the syllabus no matter how many mistakes we make in the class. Mr Alvin is very dedicated and his teaching techniques have really helped me to understand Mathematics better than before. Thank you so much, Mr Alvin!"

Rohin Kuhan, A for Ext Maths (2022)
Sri KL

"Mr Alvin is a great add maths teacher. He is very confident on the curriculum he teaches whilst also being very patient while teaching it. Additionally he is also respectful to me and other students in my class, which overall made it really easy to grasp the ideas from the subject."

Ong Jun Zhe, A* for Add Maths (2022)
Regent International School

"Hi Mr Alvin!!!! I think my mum already told you but I got an A for IGCSE!! Thank you so much sir for always helping me this past two years and also giving me classes on Monday for the last month even though that is your off day. I am very happy sir and if I know any juniors I will definitely send them to your tuition. Thank you :)"

Chia Wing Tung, A for Add Maths (2021)
Sri KL

“Having spent 2 years in visi genius, I have learned and improved a lot in add maths with the help of Mr Alvin. Mr Alvin provides notes, worked examples and worksheets that are essential for the understanding of each individual topics. He is patient when explaining questions that I’m unsure of and always makes sure that we understand his lessons. With the help of Mr Alvin, I managed to achieve an A* in my IGCSE examination. I am very grateful for all the help and guidance he has given me throughout my IGCSE journey.”

​Phang Wei Jie, A* for Add Maths (2020)
Nobel International School

“Mr.Alvin is a great teacher who helps me a lot in Add Maths. I have just got my results recently with 8As. Of course, I got an A* for my Add Maths. At first, I always got ungraded for my This subject. After coming to this tuition centre, my Add Maths score eventually becomes better. Mr. Alvin teaches with patience and dedication, he is a very friendly person which makes me feel not shy to ask questions. Mr. Alvin had also furnished the centre that creates conducive environment for student to study in. Not to mention, the centre is very clean too. He is also following the SOPs rules strictly during the pandemic and I felt safe while having tuition. Thanks a lot, Mr. Alvin.”

​Chow Ren Jing, A* for Add Maths (2020)
Visi Tutor

"Being in Mr Alvin’s class has played a significant role in improving my Additional Mathematics grades. His classes aided me profusely in my journey of learning; he had the patience to explain lengthy concepts to me and provided worksheets packed with questions that would allow me to assess my understanding in the individual topics. Furthermore, as I was someone who initially couldn’t pass the placement test for the subject and was constantly being put down for this, Mr Alvin encouraged me not to give up and guided me through the subject. Needless to say, I ended up scoring a 98% in the IGCSE exam and I definitely couldn’t have done it without him. He not only improved my results, but gave me words of encouragement that kept me going from time to time. Thank you so much, for leading me through this tough journey and most of all- for kindling my love for maths."

Bernice Koh , A* for Add Maths (2019)
Nobel International School

"My experience learning in Visi Genius has been the best tuition centre I have ever studied in. The toilets are very clean compared to many other centers, the classes are well maintained, as well as, nicely air conditioned. I have been learning here with Mr Alvin for 5 years and I have drastically improved so much on my results to become the rank of an A* student. I am not exaggerating when I say that, as long as your child has the right attitude and consistency of completing their assignments, their grades will enhance greatly to even become the highest scoring student in their year. Here in Visi Genius, Mr Alvin has taken great care when employing the educators here that he only chooses the best tutors who teaches from the heart and not for the sake of earning income. Mr Alvin himself is also a hard working Maths and Add Maths teacher, always ensuring every student is on the same page as the others, even willing to take the time to explain to any confused student who has trouble understanding. He has been very helpful and caring to me that I really enjoy the atmosphere of the class whenever he teaches. Honestly, I never felt reluctant when going to his classes. I simply feel like this is going to be a good day whenever he is teaching. I have absolutely no regrets studying here and highly recommend any students who are willing to improve to come study with him or any of the other educators. I really appreciate all of Mr Alvin’s and the other staffs’ effort in getting me this far through IGCSE and I will continue to move on and carrying their legacy."

Loong Shi Soon , A* for Add Maths (2019)
Beaconhouse International School

"The work you put in pays off. With constant practice and Mr. Alvin’s’s guidance and support, I have managed to strengthen my weaknesses and not only secure an A* for Add Maths in my IGCSE but also learnt to enjoy the process of problem solving along the way. Thank you Mr. Alvin!"

Samantha Yeo, A* for Add Maths (2019)
Cempaka International School

"I first joined Mr.Alvin's tuition class when I found myself having difficulty to keep up in Add Maths class in school. It was at this moment that I found Mr.Alvin's class through my friends. Initially, given my progress in school, I had thought that I would not be able to keep up with tuition class too. However, Mr. Alvin's class proved me wrong. I ended up really liking Mr. Alvin's method of teaching. All his notes and exercises were especially helpful when exam time was around the corner. In my opinion, Mr. Alvin is also extremely dedicated and never cuts corners. He values hard working and expects his students to do so too. As a result, I improved tremendously from mere C grade of 61% to an A* of 98%. I really am ever so grateful towards Mr. Alvin and his efforts to handpick questions, mark worksheets and clear any doubts we have. I truly could not have asked for more."

Anicole, A* for Add Maths
Sri KL

"I have been in Visi Genius for more than 3 years, and I must say that I have learned a lot, especially from Mr. Alvin. He was always there to help whenever we had doubts, and also cheer us on when we were down. I think that his consistent support and belief in me thorough out these 3 years along with hard work has helped me achieve the results that I could only dream of."

Ang Ee Chyen, A* for Add Maths
Sri KL

"WOW! I have just graduated high school with results that I am satisfied with and it was all thanks to Visi Genius and Mr. Alvin for making Add Maths so simple and easy for me. I had fun learning in class and Add Maths became a subject I am fond of. It was all because of Mr.Alvin. Big thanks for him as he made me able to study abroad."

Tan Pui Mun, A* for Add Maths
Sri KL

“Mr. Alvin is very systematic in his teaching. He always gives clear examples and reinforces the new concepts with plenty of practice questions. Beyond the lessons, he also knows how to relate to his students and encourages us to do our best in our studies. Thank you for teaching me Mr. Alvin.”

Christine Lee, 9A* Student
HELP International School

“ I attended teacher Alvin's class when I first started my Year 10 and I have never regretted! The class was fun, enthusiastic and teacher Alvin is a great and amazing Add Maths teacher! He goes step by step with clear explanation and he gives me enough practice for Add Maths. From C to A for my Add Maths in IGCSE, I strongly recommend teacher Alvin's Add Maths class to everyone.”

Brian Tew, 10As Student
Sri KL

“From my experience of learning with Mr.Alvin, I have learnt so much from him. At first I was really reluctant to study and took it for granted, but then I started improving in Mathematics a lot, so much that I now became rivals with top Maths students in my class. I have been maintaining my marks in examination ever since and I'm continuing to improve on my skill every time I study there. I really look up to Mr.Alvin and hope that one day I can be as good as him.”

Loong Shi Soon, Year 9
Beaconhouse International Schoo

“Mr.Sakthi is a very dedicated teacher. His way of teaching is really wonderful. I enjoyed his classes and the method he uses to convey the knowledge of Chemistry is very effective. At times, he is funny too. He helped me a lot in my Chemistry especially when the actual examination is just around the corner. Thanks Mr. Sakthi.”

Ariadne Ng, A* for Chemistry
Sri Emas International School

“Mr.Sakthi is a good tutor. He helped me in my Chemistry subject. I have improved a lot in the subject through his guidance. His notes may be lengthy, but it includes important knowledge in order to sit for the IGCSE examination. I enjoyed his classes very much.”

​Mohd. Danish, A* for Chemistry
Nexus International School.