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Visi Genius IGCSE Tuition Centre provides tuition classes for students studying Cambridge International syllabus from Year 4 to Year 11.

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It is with great excitement and enthusiasm that I welcome each and every one of you - students, parents and tutors to Visi Genius IGCSE Tuition Centre / Pusat Tuisyen Visi Genius. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the parents and tutors in their own deeds of making this tuition centre a place to nurture talents and abilities of students. I take great pride in the transformation this tuition centre has on the lives of those interacting under its roof and provide assurance that it will always put priority on the children’s wellbeing that come seeking knowledge.

From my humble beginning, it was always my vision to support in empowering the students with knowledge and skills to succeed in the ever challenging world. My top priority as principal is to create a collaborative environment where all students and tutors are performing their best work together. I will always be there

To support and encourage all with being the first to lead by example. I strongly believe that when we create a safe, welcoming environment where amazing tutors are committed in creating rigorous, exciting learning experiences, our students will be inspired to plunge beyond their own learning and thinking capabilities. My life mantra remains “Success can’t be achieved overnight but success is guaranteed if you have an idea, work hard on it and nurture it”.

Warm regards,

Mr. Alvin Ng Teck Lam
Visi Genius IGCSE Tuition Centre

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  • “ I attended teacher Alvin's class when I first started my Year 10 and I have never regretted! The class was fun, enthusiastic and teacher Alvin is a great and amazing Add Maths teacher! He goes step by step with clear explanation and he gives me enough practice for Add Maths. From C to A for my Add Maths in IGCSE, I strongly recommend teacher Alvin's Add Maths class to everyone.”  
    Brian Tew, 10As Student
    Sri KL
  • “Mr.Sakthi is a good tutor. He helped me in my Chemistry subject. I have improved a lot in the subject through his guidance. His notes may be lengthy, but it includes important knowledge in order to sit for the IGCSE examination. I enjoyed his classes very much.”  
    ​Mohd. Danish, A* for Chemistry
    Nexus International School
  • Mr. Alvin is very systematic in his teaching. He always gives clear examples and reinforces the new concepts with plenty of practice questions. Beyond the lessons, he also knows how to relate to his students and encourages us to do our best in our studies. Thank you for teaching me Mr. Alvin.  
    Christine Lee (9A* Student)
    HELP International School