1. How many students are there in a class?
Our classroom holds a maximum of 9 students. At the moment, we have an average of 4 students per class.
2. Who are your tutors?
We have a group of highly qualified tutors in their own respective field. For more information, please click here.
3. Besides Cambridge syllabus, does your centre provide tuition for government syllabus?
We only provide tuition for Cambridge syllabus starting from Year 4 up to Year 11.
4. Do your tutors conduct tests/exams in the class?
Yes. Our tutor assess the students performance by having periodic tests, normally before the school exams.
5. Do your tutors mark the students' exercises?
Yes. Our tutors mark the exercises given to the students to assess the students understanding of lessons.
6. Are there additional fees besides tuition fees?
There are no additional fees aside from the tuition fees.
7. Can the students come earlier to the centre to do their homework?
Yes they can. We have facilities ready for students to do their homework comfortably.
8. Is your centre a home-schooling centre?
No. We are purely a tuition centre for Cambridge IGCSE syllabus.
9. Where are your students from?
Most of our students are from international schools. There are some home-schoolers too.
10. Where is the location of your centre?
Please click here.